Outsourcing has become popular concept these days, as more and more business is getting conscious about the quality and cost or their non-core ideas. Mind InfoServices offers its clients best application management services. Mind InfoServices provides solutions that help minimize the IT expenditures, enhance speed to market and lets you focus on the core business requirements.

As your application management service provider, Mind infoServices brings world-class processes, proficient in application management outsourcing, and heritage of best practices to augment the importance of your application portfolio by helping you maintain pace with business growth and technological development.

To steer business development, applications must constantly bring value throughout their life process. Our application management outsourcing services help make sure your applications stay optimized by constantly measuring and evaluating your complete application portfolio’s performance and making enhancements as required, enabling you to:

Identify how well applications meet business requirements.

Discover opportunities to enhance performance and reduce costs.

Produce guaranteed cost cutting up to 35% to 50% over three years.

Knowledge transfer is one of the most demanding features of application maintenance outsourcing. Various systems and interface are involved, and all must be appreciated, defined and handled continuously. The finest application management services successfully handle these complications to minimize the entire cost of ownership, enhance service levels and integrate new abilities.

Our application maintenance outsourcing process supports, manages and improves enterprise applications that are important to your business. As a professional application management services partner, we work with you to set-up a well characterize outsourcing strategy that supports your business goals and offers anticipatable service levels. Unlike other large, international outsourcing companies, we instantly adapt and customize our application management services to meet your exclusive specifications.

Our application management outsourcing services use unique business metrics to help our clients find long-term optimization opportunities.

Components include:

IT Application management outsourcing estimates.

IT Application maintenance outsourcing advisory.

IT Application management

  • Successful application management and maintenance
  • Release management
  • Application retirements

Service management office

  • Service management teams
  • ITIL processes
  • Proprietary methodologies
  • On-site, off-site stateside, near-shore and offshore global delivery models.

As well as the crucial cost saving aspects, we target the vital requirements of your business.We evaluate the value of the applications and design a roadmap for future conversation. Effective management of application portfolios using proven rule and constant enhancement techniques means that we can modify applications to stand in line with dynamic business requirements.