Why Startups Fail ?

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Not every startup gets recognition, some fail, some stand out from others. There’s a famous saying “losers make excuses, winners don’t”. They didn’t fear failures and not afraid to take risks to achieve what they dreamed. You can’t be a winner if you haven’t faced failure. When you fail it means you tried, Risk is inevitable but failure is. There are so many reasons why a business idea failed. Let us talk about some of them.

1. Confidence: It is a good thing in an entrepreneur, but overconfidence kills every plan. Build your confidence as every successful step you achieve in your business.  why i failed

2. Marketing: It is the most important step to build your customer base. Many startups don’t give the same amount of importance to marketing as they give to other aspects of business. Marketing gives you the idea about how much fund you need to reach your targeted customers.

3. Place and Time: If you chose wrong place or wrong targeted audience then it will be disastrous for the business. A targeted research is must to know which is the right location and what is the right time to launch your product/ service.

4. Cash flow: A proper cash flow is required to run any business in the world. It may be well established or a start up. If you don’t have investors to invest money in your business, then you won’t survive long. It is necessary for a startup to maintain the budget and allocation of fund properly.

5. Team: Every business needs a team, that’s work toward the same goal. If there are any clashes of ideas among the team or partners than it is not good for the business.

6. Pricing: A over priced service or product is not meant to survive in todays highly competitive market.

These are a few points to focus on but there are many other points every startup needs to focus on.

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How to begin with a laravel MVC Framework

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Steps to follow:

1)  How to install initially on the local host or server:

First of all you need:

  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension

a) You need to install XAMPP

b) After installing XAMPP you need to install Composer.

c) Composer: Itis an application-level package manager for the PHP programming language. You can download it on composer download page

d) After installing, open a windows terminal and write composer to execute the command. e) XAMPP virtual host: We need httpd-vhosts.conf(C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf) as follow:

laravel code

Then our apache is responding to laravel.dev . we need to configure hosts file that nallows redirect laravel.dev to local host located at: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

For editing host file, adding local host to laravel.dev

adding local host to laravel.dev

Save it and we are ready to install laravel.

2) Use PHP ( artisan) console command:

we have to use php artisan command on dos prompt (if using windows) for creating model view controller and data base migration initially we have to create laravel php files using artisan.

3) How to create models, view, controller, migrate database table:

a) Model: php artisan make:model MyModel

b) View: php artisan make:views MyViews

c) Controller: php artisan make:controller MyController

d) Migrate database: php artisan make:migration create_users_table

After that We need to run command as follow:

php artisan migrate

4) The basic architecture of larva moves:


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Magento Developing Company in India

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 Are looking for a professional and experienced Magento developing company in india for your mid sized e-commerce business. Mindinfo Services Pvt. Ltd. is a growing technology outsourcing company in India with expertise into eCommerce and specifically into Magento Enterprise.

We at, Mindinfo Services Pvt. Ltd. are dedicated on taking the innovative ecommerce development with Magento. It is a very advanced ecommerce platform and our talented developer and designer team can design and develop  the awesome online ecommerce website with Magento. We can certainly solve all of the eCommerce requirements, allowing a better shopping experience to your customers. The changing shipping requirements and custom payment solutions can be solved easily by the best eCommerce platform with Magento.

We all know Magento is a flexible and innovative e-commerce development platform, widely used by developers to build an user friendly and customized online shopping carts. Magento themes allow the developers to customize the website layout and presentation, according to the client requirements specifications.

 We offer to website owner wide a range services  to choose the custom designs that follow the theme extension customizing service. You can hire a Magento developer from Mindinfo Services Pvt. Ltd. India to get guidance and support on your ecommerce projects. We also provide an online business model and suggestions that make us unique from the other best Magento web development companies in India. Contact us now to get an affordable Magento developer  team  to build an ecommerce website.

Our Magento eComemrce Web Developemnt Service Includes:

  • Customizable ecommerce design that suit your industry and profile
  • Getting track of the sales via reports and analysis
  • More better way for the shipping and tax managements
  • Can be easily upgradable even if your size of the business expands hugely
  • Ecommerce development with Magento is SEO friendly
  • Create orders and products easily with Magento eComemrce web development service
  • Easy marketing strategy creations and catalog managements
  • is free and open source PHP framework with good plugins with trusted by leading brands.

Why you should change the old static HTML website to WordPress?

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In this changing era, are you still using an HTML website? Do you know old static HTML based website is not mobile compatible, search engine friendly and you can’t change content, images? It is right you are not familiar with your website or its functionality. In this blog we are going to focus your eyes on world’s most usable CMS platform “Wordpress” that can provide you amount of content modification functionalities free of cost.
WordPress is Search Engine Friendly:
WordPress is developed using top level compliance high quality code and which offer various functions, makes your site very excellent to search engines.WordPress websites are designed very SEO friendly, and you can make it even more SEO friendly by using a WordPress SEO plugin like SEO meta tag plugins, Sitemap, webmaster, url optimization, google analytic & webmaster plugins.All SEO plugins are available free of cost that can help you to optimize your website easily. WordPress has a built-in search function and facilitates search engine optimization (SEO). The search function is easily added to all pages of your site. WordPress allows you to tag all content, create custom keyword-rich URLs.
WordPress is Easy To Manage:
WordPress can be used as a simple CMS, and it is relatively standards-compliant. Adding new pages and posts doesn’t require much training and there are many plugins you can use to add additional CMS functionality to your site. You can assign users with different “roles” to limit their access, and WordPress prevents more than one user from editing the same content at the same time.
WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types:
WordPress offers you easy content writing faculty & support to images, audio, and video content. You can also use for document or file management. WordPress supports Embed enabled websites which means you can embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, and Soundcloud audio by just pasting the URL in your post. You can even allow your visitors to embed videos in comments.
Support PHP and MySQL:
WordPress support PHP & Mysql that helps knowledgeable developers to completely customize sites. You can make changes to the code, modify existing functionality, develop new widgets, if and when you have to. It’s effectively open-source.

Responsive Themes:
There are amount of responsive free and premium themes available on the internet that you can use as per your business needs, also you can add and remove some functions as per your suitability. All responsive themes support all size screen devices.

Two Most Important Factors in Web Designing

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Every fourth person from the world population is using the Internet and it is getting more crowded every day, with precisely hundreds of websites being submitted by the Web Design Company around the world as you read this article. It is becoming more complicated to get observed by the users among the masses. It’s difficult If you really want consistency in your project and to have an identity, so every page should have a unique and common feel among the backgrounds, color selections, navigational bar and other elements. If you really matter about consistency, you should divide your project among several team members. Otherwise, it looks like several things lumped together, rather than combined in one piece.
to understand what makes and what breaks web design for the beginners, but not for the experienced designers. To understand web design more efficiently, Mindinfo Services experts try to make you understand two major elements of it.

Site Layout:

Offer a variety of links within your website. Preferably, there should be many ways for the users to navigate web pages. Web Design Company should consist of an important link or icon on every page, the contents table and highlighted links in the texts with correlated information on the site. Also give links to other web pages elsewhere on the internet.

Don’t let users think before they click. Users don’t want to click more oftenly to get the required information, but if it is necessary then make it accessible up front. On any given web page, you must consider that as with a newspaper, the top left side is the most important.


Make sure your content is readable and presentable. Evaluate the size, color schemes, and font style with your website. Be careful of dark or complex backgrounds that make content hard to recognize.

Make sure your website is user-friendly and should be accessible on every machine browser. In Todays world, the mobile internet users are increasing day by day. Consider the requirements of the site users and the website speed should be good enough. Every Web Design Company must keep in mind that not every user has a high-speed internet connection. Reduce the memory requirements of the website to compress large files and images.


Web Designing is not an easy task for the beginners especially if they are not familiar with the fundamentals of web design. Web Design needs so much dedication and attention to achieve the desired results. If you need to provide best solutions to consider hiring an experienced designer.


There are several web design factors that can be useful to make a great looking website. Site layout and accessibility plays a major role to design interactive website.

Essential Tips That Help You to Hire the Best Web Design Company

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In this emulative era, all we want to make a great presence on the internet so that ourbuyers can easily find services online and anyhow our business production can be increased. To sale business items on the internet or online, we must havea nice and plausiblewebsite. But before hiring professionalweb Design Company in India, Some essential questions must come in our mind.If you are looking for hiring areputed web design company for your business website then by this blog, we would like to help you to compare web design companies and choose the best one from them.

Here are few compulsory questions you should ask to web Design Company.

Ask for Great Portfolio:
you must ask thisgrandly question to each professional web design company, all they should show their past work portfolio and their client contact info.By their portfolio you can analyze their past work performance and what types of project they have handled, you can contact their past client and get feedback of their work.

Can we contactwith your technical experts?
It is another essential question thatyou need to ask fromthe best web Design Company. Ifa company has skilled professionals for handling your projects, then the company will let you to contact with their experts. By communicating you can check their skills and ask about initially planning for handling your project.

What will be Completion Time?
Please clear competition time before dealing any project and give deadline so that you will sure how much time they will take.

Can you develop SEO friendly website?
It is one of the most important questions for you to ask from web Design Company, if they are able to develop an SEO friendly website then your website will get easily indexed and ranking in search engine. Ask some SEO related techniques that they will use to build an SEO friendly website.

What will be the project cost?
All we want to have a great website, but we can’t forget that website cost play an important role in terms of website designing and development. You must ask your website cost before hiring any web design company, how much you will have to pay? If your budget is low and the company can’t fulfill your requirement in your budget, then you should discuss with other companies.

Does your business need of responsive web design?

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Responsive website is one the biggest hidden part of your business in terms of revenue, so pick the best responsive website for improving business presence on the latest mobile device.

Now, we are going to talk on the responsive web design and mobile website in this blog, if you are an owner of a growing business, then you possibly know the value of a gainful website in terms of business revenue. Since last few decades,Day by day technology is updating too fast and amounts of different sizeinternet devices are being launched in the market like iPad, tablet, smart phone and other, so theinternet users are not dependent on the same devices. If your business is fully dependent on the website then your business has the big necessity of responsive website.

Mindifo Services Pvt. Ltd.We are a central Indian based leading responsive web Design Company in India.Our talented and well-trained web expert teamcan offer you a graceful & lucrative website that will fulfill your entire business requirement in very low budget. If you have not received the Google webmaster mobile friendly website warning and you are not analyzing the benefits of the smart phone, iPhone and tablet users. Here we would like to help you to analyze the mobile visitors’ activity or behave for your business,don’t worry!! Just follow three important things that I am sharing here. 1. Does business is not dependent on the mobile users?2. You don’t have online competitors. 3. You don’t have a need toenhance thebusiness presence on the mobile and tablet devices. Please don’t ignore above simple tips, I hope you have done above analysis & will never wantsquander your mobile visitors.

Responsive website: if you don’t the knowledge about responsive website or mobile compatible website so we want to help you to understand the real meaning of responsive web design. You can easilyunderstand by its definition. Responsive website that adjust obligingly itself to open on desktop, tablet and other Smartphone browsers. Additionally, we can say,a responsive website that can be opened on all size screen devices. We at, Mindinfo Services Pvt. Ltd. can create a responsive website for you by using three main principles of responsive web design. 1. Fluid grids 2. Flexible images 3. Media Queries.


To gamut supreme position in this competitive era, it is the right time for every business for expandingthe extensive online presence so that their users can easily use their business services online by using any latest device. If you want to have a professional responsive website then Mindinfo Services Pvt. Ltd. IT experts can provide you an unmatched website to enhance your business productivity in reasonable prices.