Nowadays, the world markets have enlightened to be highly regulated industry, process, specific sector and there has been a significant transformation from the inception of the business process outsourcing services that were comparatively easier. Customers now believe business process outsourcing service providers in delivering finest operations, as well as the revolution required in order to be the chief in their respective fields. It’s no longer about the performance metrics and SLAs alone, end-to-end IT metrics and business results.

With immense of experience with delivering the business process outsourcing (BPO), Mind InfoServices has developed an integrated BPO platform which logically combines Business transformation process, Front office services, Back office services, Knowledge services and Technology-enabled solutions. Rather than focusing on a particular aspect of the business process, Mind InfoServices drives performance enhancement across various aspects of clients business processes with unified BPO; the primary aspect that keep us ahead from our competitors.

The Mind InfoServices benefits

  • A BPO solution that relates all levels of the customer lifecycle.
  • The focus not entirely on cost cutting but driving client’s business performance enhancement across processes to finally enhance the customer satisfaction.
  • Proven proficiency contributing measurable results to clients spanning various industries.


Why should consider Mind InfoServices?

Mind InfoServices has always been ambitious and has developed diverse solutions, such as third-party BPO operations, multi-language support, e-commerce platform business model and business process outsourcing services in India. Mind InfoServices expertise comes from running multiple and diversified business processes, based on five tenets:

  • Innovation and enhancement focus
  • Domain Orientation
  • Outcome/output/flexible constructs
  • Risk and compliance
  • Integrated Global Delivery Model


Customer Relationship Management Services

The Mind InfoServices CRM practice has an advanced range of partnerships with cutting edge solution providers to complement its wide domain expertise allowing us to help provide end-to-end world class potentials. It is significant that the future enterprise focuses on the following dimensions to fully catch the value that the marketplace offers:

  • Provide focused and differentiated products, solutions based on an analytics-allowed 360-degree view of the customer.
  • Offer a delighting customer experience across different channels.
  • Promote customer brand assistance in social media.
  • Develop a logically integrated and customer experience driven value sequence including marketing, supply, sales, mobility, collaboration and visibility enabled support.

Mind InfoServicescustomer relationship management services help you across these dimensions of CRM to help deliver a 360-degree customer view emerging as more focused enhanced customer experience and customer relationship thereby enhancing revenue and margins.