Before you hire a Web Development Company, it’s crucial to see and recognize the process. Mind InfoServices has developed a significant process to execute every project.

Our Approach

A web development project with Mind InfoServices begins with an information exchange. Once we experience that we have a strong understanding of your goals, needs, and vision. We will bring you with our idea, so you know exactly what we are going to develop for the price we are proposing.

Project Requirements Analysis

Project requirements analysis is indeed the most important step of web development project includes:

  • Planning workflow
  • Time management
  • Requirements analysis

The most significant is to outline the objectives of the web development and establish specific goals.

At this step show up the most active communication of any web development company with the client.

Business Development Manager does an analysis of your business, your existing website if you have any, and creates a list of questions to review the crucial details essential for web development.

Success is insured only if client works together with us during the complete process of this stage.

How do we communicate?

At the starting of a communication process, we develop a new project in our Project management System. Our maximum clients are situated all around the world, so email, phone, and skype are the best friends for connecting the geography. Use the contact form to get all necessary information!

If you are the one of our clients, you can see the core instrument of the management. Secure and proven methodology in project management, communication and development provide our company completely satisfied clients listed in our database.

Project Implementation

Every single step of the project implementation needs the prominent project manager who manages the work of the team and communication with the client together providing reports based on outcomes on every stage or on a weekly basis.

Project Promotion and Further Enhancement

It is a natural mistake to believe that the project will start to work right after the launch. To engage with target audience website need to be publicized and advertised both on the internet and offline. The site marketing is normally an ongoing process.

Similar to any other business processes web site development is a circle. New requirements appear and the project is being enhanced again and again.